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Peju Johnson is a reknowned Nigerian Yoruba Actress, a model and an entrepreneur. The beautiful Actress was born in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, where she was raised as well, on 11th of November. She is the third child of her parents who has five children. She is also acknowledged as the President of the Sweet girls association of Nigeria.



Peju had her primary school education at Community Primary School, Ile-Ife and then went on to Kingswill College also in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria,for her secondary School certificate. When Peju graduated from Secondary School,she didn’t stay in Ile-Ife but she went to Shagamu in Ogun State where she stayed for some weeks in 2011 before going to Egypt to meet her sister. Peju Johnson recently graduated from Ecole supierieure technologie et de gesion (ESTG)Benin republic, Cotonou studied Business Administrations.


Peju Johnson’s acting career started when she was staying in Egypt with her sister. She waited for two years before joining any training center. After two years of staying in. Egypt, she went ahead and joined Egypt’s branch of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria(TAMPAN) in Cairo where she was trained extensively.

After about five years of staying in Egypt and undergoing training, Peju returned to Nigeria to follow her childhood dream of being a reknowned Actress in December 2016. She ventured into acting fully upon her return.

Her returned journey was fully realized after meeting with a well-known Yoruba actor and movie producer,Kehinde Adeyemi, and then her dream started having shape. He mentored her until her feet were planted strongly in Nollywood.

Peju made her first debut in a Nollywood movie professionally and since then she has been starring in different Yoruba movies.

Apart from following her dream of being an actress and a model, Peju is also an entrepreneur. She is the C.E.O of a body enhancement online store in Lagos called,”House of P.j”. Her magnetic and sweet personality has paved way for her to receive many opportunities in the movie industry and that’s why she is the President of the Sweet Girls Association of Nigeria.

After her graduation from school, she already planned to priduce get first movie titled, “Pelumi Jonathan”.



Upon her debut as a professional Actress, Peju had dabbled into acting fully and she has featured in movies like: Banuso, Omo Cairo, Baba Esu in Egypt, Wonuola, Gbajumo, Ikanju, Lekki boys, Ona Eburu, Scar, Oka, Viper, Iwalewa and many more.



Peju was nominated and won, “Next Generation Actress of the year” in 2018 in the Esteemed Nigerian Youths Awards.



Peju Johnson is believed to be in a relationship although she doesn’t post the guy on any of her social media accounts.



Peju Johnson is currently one if the richest Nollywood Actress with a net worth of over $300,000. Her staying afloat in the industry will still bring her more money and fame.


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